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MVP200.10 - Multifunctional slab and panel press / vacuum press

hydraulic cold pressing - hot pressing and film pressing by vacuum





MVP200l10 - PLC - controlled (touch screen) multifunctional press with several functions, firstly our multifunctional press is a vacuum press, three-dimensional film forming with or without membrane - vacuum chamber size 2.340 x 1. 340 mm - largest workpiece height 60 mm - equipped with a vacuum membrane at the top and bottom - the press is equipped with a powerful vacuum system and a vacuum tank, guaranteeing a constant and even vacuum supply into the working chamber - vacuum pump drive power 4.5 kW - vacuum tank volume 500 litres - vacuum pump output 100 m³/hour - two air heat exchangers with 3 kW heating power each. Secondly, our multifunctional press is a hydraulic plate press with ten press cylinders and two hundred tonnes of pressing force - suitable for various applications, cold and hot pressing, single-sided and double-sided veneer pressing, pressing of composite materials - pressing area 2,500 x 1,400 mm, drilled steel plates - press plate stroke 450 mm - thermal oil system for indirect heating of the press plates with 36 kW heating power, drive power of hydraulic pump 5.5 kW.