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Sawing - drilling - tapping with two combined machines simultaneously, precision + high productivity


KA550CNC/DRILLandTAPE - CNC - controlled three axes sawing and drilling centre, combined with a pneumatic tapping machine, a work table with vice and a tool magazine mounted in front of the saw. While the machine drills and saws the material bar fully automatically, the operator can easily and quickly tap into the sawn and drilled parts between loading and unloading the machine without tap breakage. Tapping between M3 and M12 in aluminium and steel.






Technical data automatic circular saw KA550CNC/DRILLandTAPE:

Saw blade diameter 550 mm - maximum cutting range 300 x H 145 mm - saw blade drive line 5.5 kW, largest drilling capacity diameter 12 mm - milling drilling for slotted holes up to slotted hole width 10 mm - slotted hole length only limited by workpiece length. Dimensions of the machine with front work table and tapping machine (without infeed roller conveyor) approx. 1.6 x 1.2 m x H 1.65 m, weight approx. 720 kg.