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VPPS-Linear300.5,5 – vertical panel and board sawing machine



OSTERBERGER VPPS-Linear300.5,5 - heavy and robust NC - controlled vertical circular sawing machine for automated cutting of board materials and panels (we also supply the machine CNC - controlled with software for cutting optimisation) - brand new.


The saw unit is rotated automatically in the programme


All easily machinable materials such as solid wood panels / glued wood panels / shuttering panels and all wood-like materials such as MDF - fibreboard - pressboard can be separated and divided by sawing. However, depending on the configuration of the machine, panels made of aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plastics such as PVC - acrylic glass, composite materials such as Alucobond® / Reynobond®, plasterboard, Corian®, Fermacell®, Fundermax®, fibre cement panels such as Eternit® and HPL panels can also be cut / sawn. Foamed panels (sandwich panels) with sheet steel sheathing can also be processed by sawing.




"V - Groove" - "V - Milling" in composite materials such as Alucobond® / Reynobond® and in plasterboard can be carried out with our vertical circular sawing machine VPPS-Linear300.5.5 with the milling unit equipment. Two V - Groove cutters (disc cutters) can also be clamped next to each other on the routing unit shaft. With the routing unit equipment, it is possible to produce corner panelling - wall finishes - U and Z - shaped workpieces and similar products. We supply V-milling tools as disc cutters with 90° and 135° milling angles and tools with other milling angles.



The panel lifting device makes working with the machine more efficient and easier


The saw unit and the unit carrier slide on large-dimensioned linear guides - the closed rear wall also allows torsion-free cutting of thin materials and better dust and chip extraction during sawing - the panel lifting device enables convenient cutting from bottom to top (the raw material panel is held in position by clamps), largest cutting range 4,300 / 5,300 / 6,300 mm x height 2,200 mm, largest horizontal cutting height 2. 000 mm - the saw unit rotation (horizontal + vertical cut) is automatically programme-controlled, the largest panel thickness that can be cut through is 80 mm, drive power saw motor 5.5 kW - saw blade diameter 300 mm, drive power of the feed motors 2 x 1, 2 kW - feed speed infinitely variable 5 to 24 m/min, compressed air pressure requirement 7 to 8 bar, The equipment includes a lifting device for boards and panels - an extended extraction device for dust and chips - longitudinal stops, dimensions approx. 6. 450 x 1,420 x H 3,050 mm, weight approximately. 1,300 / 1,400 / 1,500 kg.


Our NC control system is extremely easy to programme



It is also possible to saw with the machine in manual mode