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KA550CNC/DRILL - CNC-controlled three-axis sawing and drilling centre for demanding production technology - encapsulated, compact machine, designed as a closed production island - no noise and no chips in the machine environment - large suction connection for efficient chip extraction. (The machine is also supplied as a two-axis sawing centre without drilling unit). Precise 90° saw cuts for small series as well as for large series production. CNC control on Windows® basis with touch screen and colour screen, simple menu-guided programming with symbols, remote maintenance module. Absolutely burr-free precision sawing of all materials such as - aluminium - bronze - GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastics) - wood - copper - brass and various plastics such as PVC and polyamide. Drilling (through holes and blind holes - also step drills and drill countersinks can be used) and drill milling of oblong holes along the X - axis. Even anodised aluminium profiles can be sawn and drilled without damaging the anodised layer, even lacquered wood materials are cut without damage. Saw blade diameter 550 mm, we recommend carbide-tipped saw blades or diamond-coated saw blades - maximum cutting range 300 x H 145 mm - saw blade drive line 5.5 kW, dimensions (without infeed roller conveyor) approximately 1.6 x 0.8 m x H 1.65 m, weight approximately 680 kg.



Extraction systems for sawdust


We not only supply sawing machines, we also supply bending machines for profiles