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OSTERBERGER hydraulically driven diamond wire sawing machine DSMV490H



OSTERBERGER hydraulically driven diamond wire sawing machine DSMV490H. Vertical wire sawing machine, combined with a swivelling arm, for sawing various stone materials such as granite, marble, basalt, as well as concrete and artificial stone with a diamond wire. The machine is suitable for hand-guided straight cuts, for hand-guided cutting of circles with the circle cutting device and for hand-guided cutting of free contours with the copying device. With the optional curved cutting device, semi-circular workpieces can be cut fully automatically from a block of stone (a curved template is required for each radius).



With the optional saw frame tilting device, bevel cuts of up to 45° can also be made. Maximum cutting width in the machine's throat 490 mm - the maximum workpiece height that can be cut with the machine is 550 mm depending on the material to be cut, swivel arm total length 1,500 mm, maximum radius that can be cut with the swivel arm 2. 000 mm, diamond wire length 4,000 mm, diamond wire diameter which can be used with the machine Ø 8 / 10 / 11.5 mm - diamond wire drive by a hydraulic motor - infinitely variable diamond wire speed, drive power hydraulic unit 4 kW.



Various accessories are available for the machine at an extra charge - 1. the optional arch cutting device in conjunction with arch templates - this enables automatic cutting of radii. 2. the optional clamping column enables the clamping of stone blocks up to approx. 1.5 m in length - the clamping column can be used to process the stone block on four sides. 3. the optional sliding table with motorised feed, which enables the clamping of large and heavy stone blocks - the stone block can be moved forwards and backwards by motor. 4. A water basin with gratings that can be accessed by the operator is also available, dimensions of the water basin 2m x 2m - a flood cooling system and a separate water treatment system are available in conjunction with the water basin.