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Processing sandwich panels with polyurethane core and mineral wool core

Drilling - milling - sawing


Panels up to 140 mm thick can be sawn


exact saw cuts for hall construction, we can make these


We supply vertical panel sawing machines (vertical circular sawing machines) for processing sandwich panels for roof and wall cladding with steel or aluminium sheathing. We supply inclined bed processing centres for processing foamed sandwich panels in door construction.


With our vertical panel sawing machines, we can saw panels with a wall thickness of up to 140 mm to the required size with a circular saw blade diameter of Ø 450 mm.


Buildings like these require a large number of precisely cut panels


We supply our vertical circular sawing machines with cutting lengths of up to fifteen metres and for cutting heights of up to 2,200 mm. With 4.5 kW saw blade drive power, all cuts can be carried out quickly and precisely.



Our sloping bed processing centres can cut panels up to 90 mm thick to the required size using saw cuts (horizontal and vertical cuts). However, the foamed panels can also be processed by drilling and milling. With routing, for example, cut-outs for viewing windows can be produced accurately and cleanly. Notching cuts are made with the saw blade.



The illustration above shows our inclined bed machining centre with six clamping bridges and a milling length of six metres. The machine can drill, mill and saw. The working area can be divided lengthways for working in pendulum mode.